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Главная страница » Songs (песни) » Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner
Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner Songs (песни) 


I am sitting in the morning
At the diner (закусочная) on the corner
I am waiting at the counter (прилавок)
For the man to pour (наливать) the coffee
And he fills it only halfway (наполняет только наполовину)
And before I even argue
He is looking out the window
At somebody coming in.

'It is always nice to see you',
Says the man behind the counter
To the woman who has come in.
She is shaking her umbrella.
And I look the other way (в другую сторону)
As they are kissing their hellos (целуются в знак приветствия)
I'm pretending (притворяюсь) not to see them.
And instead I pour the milk.

I open up the paper.
There's a story of an actor
Who had died while he was drinking.
It was no one I had heard of.
And I'm turning to the horoscope
And looking for the funnies (комиксы).
When I'm feeling someone watching me
And so I raise (поднимаю) my head.

There's a woman on the outside
Looking inside. Does she see me?
No she does not really see me
'Cause she sees her own reflection.
And I'm trying not to notice
That she's hitching up (поправляет) her skirt.
And while she's straightening (подтягивает) her stockings
Her hair has gotten wet.

Oh, this rain it will continue
Through the morning as I'm listening
To the bells of the cathedral...
I am thinking of your voice
And of the midnight picnic
Once upon a time
Before the rain began...

And I finish up my coffee
And it's time to catch the train... (пора идти на поезд)

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 #3   Написал: veranika11 (13 апреля 2010 13:15)
жаль что музыки в ней нет))
 #2   Написал: tutor (7 апреля 2010 04:37)
Цитата: sroslakov
Her hair is getting wet. нужно заменить на Her hair has gotten wet.
Ok. Done.
 #1   Написал: sroslakov (2 апреля 2010 21:08)
Her hair is getting wet. нужно заменить на Her hair has gotten wet.
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